NB Recovers Mobile Response Team

The New Britain Recovers Mobile Response Team was launched as part of a joint initiative between the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force and New Britain Emergency Medical Services under the Overdose to Community Action Grant awarded to the City as a means to reduce the number of opioid overdoses and accidental deaths in New Britain. The Mobile Response Team is charged with connecting those individuals with substance use disorders with the resources they need to begin the recovery process. In addition to recovery, additional roles include prevention, education, and harm reduction.

The Mobile Response Team is made of two parts: New Britain EMS paramedics responding to 911 calls in the community, and our Recovery Care Navigators. All full-time New Britain EMS paramedics and shift officers have undergone training through CCARs Recovery Coach Academy. They are trained to make therapeutic contact with patients dealing with substance use disorders and refer them to our Recovery Care Navigators. The heart of the Mobile Response Team is comprised of our two Recovery Care Navigators.

Recovery Care Navigators have undergone training in the following disciplines:

  • Recovery Coach Academy training
  • Recovery Coach Ethics training
  • Emergency Department Recovery Coach training

Monday through Friday, Navigators follow up on referrals placed by our Mobile Response Team, as well as respond to 911 calls involving suspected substance use disorders. They initiate the process of connecting individuals with the treatment and resources they need through our Rapid Referral Network Partners.

The Recovery Care Network, connects emergency and treatment providers across the City to our Rapid Referral Netowrk Partners. This is a major new development on the road to consolidated, holistic care in the City of New Britain.

Recovery Care Navigation Team

Rapid Referral Network Partners

Our Rapid Referral Network consists of local partner agencies that provide services integral to the care of substance use disorders. This includes intensive outpatient services, medication-assisted treatment, in-patient rehabilitation services, counseling services, housing, and more.

Our current partner agencies are:

Benefits of Recovery Care

Our Navigators:

  • Offer indvidualized coaching services
  • Have a strong knowledge base of the City, its culture, and its citizens
  • Take an approach to care that is tailored to individual needs (no one size fits all)
  • Have a great working relationship with Rapid Referral Network Partners
  • Have strong working relationships with area hospital systems and what they can offer
  • Strive to build and maintain positive relationships with all clients, on a first-name basis
  • Often respond with 9-1-1 ambulance crews 
  • Have built a strong reputation of consistent reliability

How to Reach the Navigators

To connect with the Recovery Care Navigation Team, please call:

860 - 505 - 9444

This line is monitored Monday - Friday, between 7am and 3pm. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 9-1-1.

If you need help right away, CALL 9-1-1 immediately.
If you need information IMMEDIATELY, CALL 2-1-1.